Branding, Blog Posts and Redesign

Welcome to our new website, and to our very first company blog post!

I thought it was only fitting that this post be a quick story about why we decided to update our site. So, let's have a quick chat about our company's inner workings and...branding (gasp!)

But first, some backstory.

Our company started as four friends with big, lofty ideas about games & human connection & changing the world (no pressure lol). We're releasing our very first game this month, and we've got a second one (and third!) in the works already.

But we realized, as a company, we are maturing and need to put more focus into branding & company identity if we're going to actualize those big lofty goals we set out to achieve. And, of course, greater clarity of purpose will lead to better games & experiences for all of you!

We want to hone in on what we do, our goals and ambitions, and how to reach the people we want to reach. To do that, we need to have more coherence and focus, both inside the company and in our outward facing image. It's not like we're doing poorly at that — we just always want to be striving to do better!

So, we've started going through that process. Updating our website is just one of many projects along that path. Hope you like it!

We'll be writing more posts in the future on the topic of branding and aligning our company goals/mission with our our company image. We'll also be writing about all kinds of other things — from game development, to what we're up to in our weekly meetings, to a bunch of other stuff too! For now, enjoy our new website and stay tuned for more blog posts.

Thanks for reading!


This content was originally posted on: 12/18/2018