Studio name: Zwinzler Games
Location: Boston, MA
Game release date: December 21st, 2018
Platform: iPhone and iPad
Price: Free
Social media: @ZwinzlerGames

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About Victimized:

In an era of rampant glorification of war, this 2D side-scroller was made to show you what it would really be like to live through the wars of history -- but as a bystander. Run through time, hide when you need to, and try to make it as far as you can.

Contrasting simple and fun gameplay with serious historical undertones, Victimized intends to show you the consequences of forgetting the past by taking you back in time.



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"I liked everything about it from the music to the pixel art"
-Anonymous Beta Tester
"I think this is a really cool game idea, keep up the good work!"
-Anonymous Beta Tester

About Our Studio:

Our team isn't made up of just business partners -- we're four friends! We all met in the marching band at Miami University (OH), and from there, we grew into a cohesive team and family. We have been working together on our first game for around a year, and in that time we've been growing our game development skills as well.

Victimized is our first game, but we currently have two more games in the pipeline that we're looking to release in the next year or so! Our games all revolve around our slogan, "A New Perspective". Our games focus on allowing people to gain empathy by opening them up to others' experiences.

Our team members:
Audrey Winzeler - programming and graphics
Katie Zaback - programming and graphics
Heather Sounik - music and audio effects
John Dougherty - marketing

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